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Yuhara Shouko
Other Names:
Mrs. Shouko
Mrs. Yuhara
Apparent Age:
Secretary (Formerly)
Sex Slave (Current)
Unnamed Mother
Eye Color:
Light Brown
Eye Color:
Light Brown
Main Character

Yuhara Shouko is the narrator of the hentai. She is one of the secretaries working in the Arimiya Tower, just like Katori Tatsuya who is seeking revenge against Kamoshige Arimiya for what he did to her mother as she was one of Kamoshige's lovers but he grew tried of her and through her out The Arimiya Residence, her mother was very depressed by this since she was in love with Kamoshige but he only wanted her for sex.Yuhara was very pleased that Kamoshige died but she was more interesting in Kamoshige's inheritance. She teams up with Katori since she finds out about Katori's connection with Kamoshige, Yuhara helps Katori to figure out the PIN number for the safe box with Kamoshige's money in it by raping and molesting the Kamoshige's step-daughters to receive any useful information.It seems like none of them doesn't know anything about the PIN number.

But ever since Katori was possessed by Kamoshige's spirit, Katori is able to see visions of Kamoshige's past and discovers what the PIN number is. Yuhara was shock at how much money was in the safe box but she wasn't able to get any, since Katori was elected governor and inheritance all the money.In the end Katori betrayed Yuhara and  became one of Katori's sex slave, she was last seen tied by with Emiri facing in front of her with a vibrator inside them.


  • It seems like Yuhara could be a Bisexual since she was seen molesting Shion Arimiya.
  • Yuahra and Katori had sex ever since Yuhara was feeling aroused.
  • Katori & Yuhara's mothers were Kamoshige ex-lovers.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Shouko means "clear" (shou) and "child" (ko).

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