The Arimiya Family
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Living Relatives
Sumire Arimiya (Current Wife)

Misora Arimiya (First step-daughter)

Chisato Arimiya (Second step-daughter)

Shion Arimiya (Third step-daughter)
Deceased Relatives
Kamoshige Arimiya (Head Of The Family)
4 Females
1 Male
The Arimiya Tower

The Arimiya Family is the family of the late  Kamoshige Arimiya. The relatives in the family are Lady Sumire Arimiya (Kamoshige's current wife), Lady Misora Arimiya (the first stepdaughter), Lady Chisato Arimiya (the second stepdaughter) & Lady Shion Arimiya (the third stepdaughter). The former members of the family were Kamoshige's nine ex wives & countless lovers, in which he had thrown out the Arimiya Residence due to fact that he has grown tried of them. The family is current living in the Arimiya Tower in Japan, Kamoshige was head of the Arimiya family but he died of heart failure, which now makes Sumire the head of the family. Currently, the family is fighting over on who will inherit Kamoshige's money and become his next successor.


  • It is unknown if Kamoshige ever had biological family members.
  • It seems like Kamoshige had no children from his previous wives or lovers.
  • Kamoshige used to abuse, rape & molest his family.
  • Since Katori Tatsuya is a former secretary of the Arimiya Tower, he is elected from the Governor, indicating that he is the current head of the Arimiya Family (Episode 2).
  • Kamoshige seems to have no biological children of his own.
  • Kamoshige left a large inheritance in his safe box, but it seems like it wasn't for his family since he suddenly change the pass code for it before he died.
  • It is unknown if Kamoshige's family helps with the Arimiya business, but it seems like there only there for Kamoshige's pleasure since he used them as his sex toys.
  • The Arimiya Family isn't the only ones who live in The Arimiya Tower. The Arimiya employees also live and work in the tower such as Emiri Kasai the maid & Katori Tatsuya the former secretary.