Sumire Arimiya


Sumire Arimiya
Other Names
Lady Sumire
Madam Sumire
Apparent Age
Kamoshige Arimiya (Deceased Husband)
Misora Arimiya (Step-daughter)
Chisato Arimiya (Step-daughter)
Shion Arimiya (Step-daughter)
Hair Color
Eye Color
Black or Gray
Head of The Arimiya Family
Sex Slave (Currently)
Main Character

Arimiya Family

Sumire and her step-daughters at Kamoshige's funeral

Sumire Arimiya is the current wife of the late Kamoshige Arimiya & the current head of the Arimiya Family after Kamoshige's death. When Kamoshige was alive, Sumire and the other women Kamoshige had were rape, abused & molested by him. Ever since Kamoshige died, she has all the power in the Arimiya Family & might become his next successor, however she wants to inherit Kamoshige's hidden inheritance  inside his safe box. Before Kamoshige died  he change the PIN number to his safe box, Sumrie thinks that her step-daughters; Misora Arimiya, Chisato & Shion Arimiya might know something about the PIN number.

Sumire and Katori Tatsuya discusses about the inheritance and her step-daughters.

Sumire ask Katori Tatsuya (a secretary hired by Kamoshige) to rape her step-daughters in order to get information out of them, she then explains to Katori to don't rape them by force but make them submitted to him. Sumire is positive that Katori would do a fine job making her step-daughters his. After Katori gathers information from the girls & the maid by raping them for pleasure, he later becomes possessed by Kamoshige's spirit where he sees memories of Kamoshige's past and what he did to Sumire and his step-daughters. Katori saw a vision where Kamoshige molest Shion and change the PIN number to "Cherry Blossoms by the embankment" by looking at Shion's cherry blossom shape bruise. When Katori reported to Sumire that he discover what the PIN number is, she thanks him and ask him what would he like in return for helping her. Katori stated he doesn't want any money,and suddenly approaches her with a smirk on his face. Sumire gets scared and remembers Kamoshige used to smirk the same way when he's ready to rape her. Sumire quickly gets up to run away but trips.

Sumire gets scared as Katori (who is possessed by Kamoshige's spirit) suddenly approaches him in Episode 2.

Katori grabs her by the leg and explains to her that he knows that Kamoshige used to abuse her and she loves it. Sumire denies it, then Katori proceeds to have oral sex and sexual intercourse with Sumire, she begs him to stop but eventually she starts loving it. Afterwards, Sumire feels aroused again and begins to have oral sex with him again. Katori smiles saying "He has all the women now!.". Several months later, Katori becomes the new successor & has been named "The Second Coming of Kamoshige". Sumire and her step-daughters became Katori's sex slaves, where they are being rape, abuse & molested by him just like what Kamoshige did to them and the girls relieves their nightmares once again.


  • The name Sumire means "violet, clarity, lovely".
  • Lot of people don't approve of Sumire become the new successor or gaining power over the Arimiya Family.
  • Sumire calls her step-daughters her "daughters" even though she's not their biological mother and Sumire's step-daughters addresses her as "Mother" even though she's not their biological mother.
  • It seems like Misora Arimiya doesn't like Sumire ever since she called her a "Bitch"
  • Just like all the women Kamoshige had, Sumire probably married him so she can inherit his money.
  • It seems like Sumire is jealous of her step-daughters and doesn't want them to inherit the money, which is probably why she sent Katori Tatsuya to rape them.

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