Misora Arimiya
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Misora Arimiya
Other Names
Lady Misora/Lady Misato
Apparent Age
Kamoshige Arimiya (Step-Father deceased)
Sumire Arimiya (Step-mother)
Chisato Arimiya (Biological Sister)
Shion Arimiya (Step-sister)
Hair Color
Chestnut Brown
Eye Color
Dark Brown
Second Heiress of The Arimiya Family (Formerly)
Katori Tatsuya's Sex Slave (Currently)
Main Character

Misora Armiya, also known as Misato, is one of the main characters in the story. She is the first step daughter in the Arimiya Family.

Misora was first seen standing in the hallway in the Arimiya Tower as Katori Tatsuya passes her. She got curious about him and approaches him asking him some unusually questions. Misora then drags him into her to talk to Katori privately,She knows that Kadono Tatsuya (Katori's father) was the man who try to black mail Kamoshige Arimiya but fails, she wonders if Katori tends to finished off the job. Katori explains to her that it is all a misunderstanding.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Misora means "beautiful" (mi) and "sky" (sora).
  • In the hentai game, her name changes to Misato.
    • The name Misato means "beauty" (mi) and "village" (sato). However, various parents may chose to write it as "Optical village", or "Truth village". In addition, instead of the more common kanji for "village", a version meaning "home village" with the same pronunciation can be used, making the name Misato mean "beautiful home village".