Katori Tatsuya


Katori Tatsuya
Other names
Mister Tatsuya (by Emiri Kasai)
Apparent Age
Kadono Tatsuya (Deceased Father)
Unnamed Mother
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Eye Color
Secretary (Formerly)
Governor (Currently)

Katori Tatsuya is the main protagonist of the series. He is a secretary working in The Arimiya Tower for The Arimiya Family. Kadono Tatsuya (Katori's father) was a safe keeper who was fired on corruption charges, but it turns out that his father was innocent and discourage. He then called Katori and explained to him what had happened and ask him to take revenge on Kamoshige Arimiya.    


Katori's appearance in the hentai

     Soon after Kadono died, Kamoshige hired Katori as a secretary in honor to forgive him for what he did to his father, but Katori doesn't care and he swore to get his revenge on Kamoshige for ruining his father's career. Three months later, Kamoshige suddenly dies of heart failure which means that Katori can't avenge his father, but he finds out that Kamoshige left a large inheritance in his safe box, but manage to change the password before he died. 

Misora Arimiya & Katori discussing about the inheritance


Yuhara Shouko warns Katori about the rumors

The person who has access to the money will gain power and become the successor to Kamoshige, while the Arimiya family is conflict for the hidden money. Sumire Arimiya (Kamoshige's current wife) ask Katori to get information about the PIN number for the safe box from her step-daughters by having sexual intercourse with them to receive any type of useful information. Lady Misora Arimiya (the first step daughter) was very curious about Katori because she knew about the incident involving Katori's father and thinks Katori sneak into the Organization with a fake name (Katori) to get his hands on the money, she lures him into her room where they can talk in private.He explains that Kamoshige hired him when his father died to work for him. she then apologizes to Katori since she misunderstood him, she then ask Katori if he would like to team up with her in order to find out the PIN number for the safe box.Curious Katori ask her what she plans to do with it? Angrily, she confessed that she doesn't want her step-mother inherited the money and have power over her. Katori smiles and asked Misora what will he get in return for helping her.Curious Misora ask him if he wants money or something else, she then proceeds to have oral sex with Katori, even for him to ejaculate twice but he keeps getting an erection Katori then decides to please Misora by having sex with her, she refuses but soon after she starts enjoying it. After they both climax, Katori ask Misora about Lady Chisato Arimiya (Misora's biological sister) weakness in order to control her.

A worried Emiri Kasai hugs Katori

Misora reveals to him that Chisato is a lesbian who uses Emiri Kasai (the Arimiya Family Maid) for pleasure. Surprised by this, Katori realizes that it's going to be difficult to get any information from Chisato and decides to plan his next step carefully. As he leaves Misora's room and returns to his room, Emiri is in his room as she tidies his bed. When she greets him and starts to blush, Katori approaches her about to ask her a question. There, he preforms anal sex with her & asks her what Chisato makes her do for her punishment she reveals to Katori that Chisato lets her preform oral sex with her secretly in the laundry Room.

Katori shows Chisato the image of her and Emiri

The following day, when Yuhara Shouko (Katori's partner) reveals to him that rumors are going around about him, she also notice that Emiri's behavior has change and warns him that Lady Chisato might soon find out but Katori told Yuhara not to worried about it. Later, when Katori secretly meets with Emiri in the Laundry Room, she begins crying and says that she's afraid that Lady Chisato might find out that she had sex with him. Katori explains to her not to worry, since there's no evidence but he will help her out if Lady Chisato finds out. Afterwards, Katori meets with Lady Chisato while she was discussing something to Lady Shion Arimiya about their step-father. As Shion starts crying & begs her to stop, Katori interrupts them and show Lady Chisato an image on his cellphone and she becomes terrified. Shion is curious and ask her what's wrong, Katori advise her to go back to her room so that he can handle the situation. Shion refuses until Chisato tells her it's alright and returns to her room.

Katori talks to Chisato

Chisato and Katori goes into Chisato's room to talk in private. The image reveals Chisato having oral sex with Emiri thinking Katori might black mail her, Chisato asks him What he plans to do with the image. Katori looking at the image realize that Emiri  is not really enjoy the oral sex but Chisato is and ask her why she become a lesbian.

Katori kisses Chisato

When Chisato gets angry by this, she tells him it's none of his business and Katori thinks it's a disappointment since she's such a beautiful women. He wonders why Kamoshige kept her in The Arimiya Family since her mother was thrown out. Chisato claims she doesn't know, but Katori thinks it's because she was a virgin and that Kamoshige love to take women's virgin for good luck and it was his favorite hobby, remembering Kamoshige raping her, Chisato begs Katori to stop, but he continues saying that she and Shion were rape the same. Chisato falls down on her bed crying telling Katori that it didn't happened, Katori realizes that he was right and apologizes for what Kamoshige had done to her.

Chisato states that men are only interesting in the humiliation of women, in which Katori explains to her that not all men are the same and shows her he's nothing like Kamoshige. Katori starts kissing her then preforms oral sex together. Chisato not scared to have sex now and she starts having intercourse with Katori. As he ejaculates on her, she moans and tells him she enjoys it and ask him what he plans to do with her now, which makes Katori smiles at her.

Chapter 2Edit

In episode 2, it retells the story but in a different way.

Katori being possessed by Kamoshige Arimiya's spirit.

While Katori is tidying up the hall after Kamoshige Arimiya's funeral, Yuhara Shouko enters the hall & approaches Katori telling him she knows who he is, curious Katori ask Yuhara what she means, until Kamoshige's spirit starts to possess Katori as he falls unconscious. He sees a vision of Kamoshige's memory, of him molesting Lady Shion Arimiya right next to the safe box, as he change the pass code Kamoshige drops dead and Shion sees everything. As he regains consciousness, Katori visits Lady Sumire Arimiya, who offers him to stay at The Arimiya residence to help her figure out the PIN number for the safe box and ask him to rape her daughters for pleasure, to receive any information that might help her.

The Arimiya sisters arguing

As Katori leaves Lady Sumire's room, he encounters Lady Chisato & Lady Misora Arimiya having an argument in the hallway about the inheritance. Misora notice him and approaches him while Chisato and Emiri leave. Misora ask Katori if he is Kadono's son, since his father was wrongly accused of black mailing Kamoshige. Misora leads him to her room, & wonders why Katori is  working at The Arimiya Tower. Katori explains to her that Kamoshige hired him after his father died to apologize for what he did to his father. Misora asked him if would like to team up with her,(in this version Katori knows about inheritance) curious Katori ask her if it's about Kamoshige inheritance,for some strange reason Misora feels Kamoshige present and gets scared.She keeps telling herself that Kamoshige's dead and she shouldn't be scared no more,Katori smiles and ask her What would he get in return for helping her? A curious Misora ask what he wants if it's money or something else, Katori looks at her and have sex with her.

Chisato receives the Toy Bear from her step father

Before he leaves, Misora gives him a package and wishes him luck,Opening the package  he sees a stuff toy bear and gets another vision, he sees Kamoshige giving the bear to Chisato who quickly adores the bear and thank him, suddenly he begins to rape her.While roaming around Katori peeks into Chisato room where he sees Chisato forcing Emiri to have oral sex with her, Katori now understands why Chisato is a lesbian and decides to get more information from Emiri since she's close with her.Katori preforms anal sex with Emiri she quotes it's embarrassing Katori replies that she wasn't embarrass with Chisato shocked by this Emiri wonders how Katori know this. As Katori climax, Emiri reveals everything to him. Afterwards, Katori meets with Yuhara in the second living room where she explains that no one seems to know about the PIN number. She also reveals that her mother was Kaomshige's lover but was thrown out since he grew tried of her just like Katori's mother, Katori asked her if that's why she's after Kamoshige's money.

Katori encounters Chisato torturing Shion

She then reveals that Kamoshige took Misora, Chisato and Shion in to be his "Toys". Katori then release he can't seem to figure out what the pass code could be since Yuhara was feeling aroused and masturbating Katori decides to have sex with her.After he finishes he heads into the basement where he mentions that lots of women were torture in this room by Kamoshige. There Chisato is torturing Shion to get information about the PIN number Chisato believes that Kamoshige told Shion something about the PIN number since she was the last person with him. Shion denies it,saying she doesn't know anything angrily Chisato tortures her more not believing in her. Suddenly, Katori steps in and greets Chisato by showing her the stuff toy bear, which she instantly recognizes and begs him to get rid of it as he reads out the tag attached to the bear. Chisato begins to cry saying nothing happened and Katori then reveals to her he knows she was raped by Kamoshige. Chisato screams out for help but Katori stated no one will come, he proceeds to sexual assault Chisato, she nearly escapes but she was caught by Katori. There, she was strip naked and tied up, Chisato begs him to let her go but he refuses. Suddenly, Yuhara came in with Emiri and Misora tied up as well, Katori asked Yuhara to deal with Shion first, Yuhara unties Shion and carries her to the safe box.

As he climaxes inside her, Chisato falls unconscious and Katori goes to the safe box where Yuhara is seen molesting Shion. Katori then thinks he has all the information he needs to crack the code but none of them are the passcode.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Katori means "beautiful, good" (ka), "person" (to) and "white jasmine" (ri).
  • Katori's surname Tatsuya means "to achieve" in Japanese.