Kamoshige's Inheritance appearance in the game
Kamoshige's Inheritance Information
Other Names Kamoshige's Money
The Hidden Money
Type Money Bills
Location In a Safe Box in The Arimiya Tower
Status Given to Katori Tatsuya
PIN Number "Cherry Blossom by the Embankment"
Episodes: Episode 1 (Mention)
Episode 2 (Shown)
Game Jokei Kazoku - Inbō (Mention & Shown)

Kamoshige's inheritance, also known as Kamoshige's money, is the hidden money sash away in Kamoshige Arimiya's safe box in The Arimiya Tower that The Arimiya Family seeks to have. Before Kamoshige died, he manage to change the PIN number of his safe box, so that no one knows code for it. Whoever inherits the money becomes the next successor and takes over the business. Now, the Arimiya Family is desperate to find out what the PIN number is and would do anything to find out. Kamoshige's current wife asks Katori Tatsuya to help her figure out the code for the safe box and ask him to rape her step-daughters for pleasure in order to receive any information about the PIN number. Katori finds out some useful information from and the step-daughters and at the same time possessed by Kamoshige's spirit,seeing memories of Kamoshige's past Katori discovers the pass code and reports it to Sumire. But in the end, Katori was related to the Governor and inherited the money.