Kamoshige's Women
Minor Characters
Gender: Females
No.Of Wives: 9
No.Of Lovers: Countless
Known Lovers: Yuhara Shouko's Mother (Ex Lover)

Katori Tatsuya's Mother (Ex Lover)

Known Wives: Misora Arimiya and Chisato's Mother (Ex Wife)
Shion Arimiya's Mother (Ex Wife)

Sumire Arimiya (Current)

Residence: The Arimiya Tower

Kamoshige's Women are the lovers & wives of the late Kamoshige Arimiya where he got married nine times & had countless lovers. Whenever Kamoshige saw a beautiful women, he would used his power & money to have them, but whenever he gets bored or tried of them, he throws them out of the Arimiya Residence. His current wife is Sumire Arimiya & he kept three of his previous mistresses daughters to be his "Toys":

  1. Lady Misora Arimiya
  2. Lady Chisato Arimiya
  3. Lady Shion Arimiya


  • All of Kamoshige's women were raped, molested and abused.
  • Kamoshige's women only married him to inherit his money, but Kamoshige never loved them as he only wanted them for there features.
  • Yuhara Shouko is also after Kamoshige's inheritance since her mother was Kamoshige's lover but he got tried of her and throw her out. Yuhara wanted to claim the money for her mother.
  • Even through his step-daughters weren't his lovers, he didn't grow tried of them and kept them within the residence.
  • It is possibly that Kamoshige would soon grew tried of Sumire Arimiya (his current wife), but he died suddenly before he could throw her out of the residence.